Reader’s Voice

  In a time when hundreds of monthly and quarterly publications and weekly magazines are published, it is wonderful that your Bulletin has reached its 200th issue.
  The content makes one reflect always on social issues. Problems like discrimination and nuclear energy plants are very urgent and need to be confronted seriously. I have not yet taken any concrete action, but reading the articles of the Bulletin, I try to learn from their content and whenever there is an opportunity I inform my neighbors. I would like to continue to receive your opinions raising raise my consciousness.

  Thank you for the Bulletin and its rich content. I am also editor of a newsletter and find your bulletin very informative. Will the atmosphere somehow change with the new Director? I am interested and look forward with pleasure to that.

  The presentation and the contents of the articles are very good.
  Please continue…

  Congratulations on your fulfilling an important mission over the years!
  Keep up the good work!

  I hope that the long history of the Jesuit Social Center and its steady activities will be shown in the 200th issue of the Bulletin. A few days ago on my visit to Korea I met a peace activist who stressed the importance of long, enduring, step-by-step action in the movement for peace. His words matched word for word the stand of the Social Center. Fr. Ando, Fr. Mitsunobu and staff members, thank you for your past activities. Mr. Shibata, continue caring for them from heaven. Please continue advancing as a Center befriending the broken-hearted and the poor.

Nakai Jun SJ (Director of Shimonoseki Labor Education Center)

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