Series of seminars on the situation of poverty in the slums with JORGE ANZORENA

We invite you to share with him “How to improve the lives of Slum Dwellers”

  The speaker, JORGE ANZORENA continues his yearly visits to world slums looking for ways of improving the lives of the slum dwellers. In AFRICA local governments increase their presence in the slums to work with poor communities for the improvement of their life environments. In the ASIAN region young architects have built a network to start programs for the improvement of the slums. Come to share your comments with us!

Month Day Region/Country
The oldest store houses in Asia still exist in an old district of Georgetown registered as world heritage. Recently, the poor residents face eviction due to the high rent costs.
Explanation of local projects by Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR)
Introduction of a group of Cheng Mai’s young architects (KJB) that works for the improvement of the lives of poor people living in an old section of the city and the preservation of historical buildings. KJB and an organization of poor people work together in programs for the growth of poor communities and the development of the city.
A Technical Center offers training to poor people to build cheaply their houses using bamboo and cheap soil cement. Such activities help the development of the Coalition of Cambodian poor. The movement against enforced evictions.
Workers of wineries in South Africa have been paid wages for generations with wine. This has resulted in alcoholic addiction of most children born in poor environments. Introducing projects (POP) to get rid of poverty.
Sports for the youth of slums to preserve them from violence and crime

ansoJORGE ANZORENA is a Jesuit architect dedicated to assist self-sufficient programs of slum dwellers. He is the representative of an organization to serve slum dwellers of Latin America and Asia, called SELAVIP. He is a receiver of the prestigious Magsaysay Reward1994, and a member of the Association of Japanese architects.

Schedule of seminar:
Place: Kibe Hall by St. Ignatius Church Room 404
Time: 6:30~8:00PM
Transport: JR line, YOTSUYA Station (Kojimachi exit) 2 minutes
Participation: Free
Organizer: Jesuit Social Center. Please, contact our web
Although the lectures are given in Japanese we welcome your comments.


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