Objectives of the social seminar

  The Catholic Church is celebrating now the 50th anniversary of Vatican II Council that brought important changes to the Catholic world. Japan’s Bishops’ Conference has invited the Catholic faithful to re-read the message of peace “Peace on earth” by Pope John XXIII who convoked the Vatican II Council and the Constitution “The Church in the modern world”, as well as the Catholic social doctrine in order to understand deeper their content.
  This year the Jesuit social center in cooperation with St. Ignatius Catholic Church, following the above directives has selected VATICAN II Council, as the main theme for its series of social seminars. Most of the speakers are directly connected to the Jesuit social center. Bishop Koda Kazuo and lawyer Ms. Suzuki Masako are the only exceptions.

Month Day THEME Lecturer
4 16 Catholic Church and civil society before official social doctrine
Native Latin Americans & Slavery system
Vicente Bonet
5 7 Priority Option for the Poor
Historical steps of Catholic social doctrine
Koyama Hideyuki
21 The beginning of Vatican II council
John XXIII “Peace on Earth”
Mitsunobu Ichiro
6 4 Are there Just Wars?
Accumulation and trade of weapons
Catholic social doctrine regarding war and peace
Vicente Bonet
 18 Blessed those who work for peace
Action for peace
Mitsunobu Ichiro
7 2 What was the Vatican II Council about?
How did the council affect the Catholic Church in Japan?
Bp. Koda Kazuo
 16 The Catholic Church and Human Rights
Changes in the Catholic Church since John XXIII
Vicente Bonet
10 1 World vision of the Catholic Church
Constitution on the Church in the modern world
Mitsunobu Ichiro
15 Structural sin and actual international economic
political structures / The results of economic globalization
Shimokawa Masatsugu
11 5 Is labor punishment of sin? The meaning of work
Workers’ Rights
Vicente Bonet
19 The situation of foreign workers in Japan
Are foreign workers today’s slaves? Human trafficking
Suzuki Masako
12 3 The Church after Vatican II and secularization
Secularization and social issues confronting the Church
Sali Augustine
17 Creation, a gift from God to all people on earth
The thinking of the Catholic Church on the environment
Semoto Masayuki
1 21 Culture of Life and Culture of Death
John Paul II 「Gospel of Life」
Takeuchi Osamu
2 4 The light and shadows of globalization
Benedict XVI “Caritas in Veritate” and
Pope Francisco “Evangelii Gaudium”
Ando Isamu
18 Pope Francisco “Apostolic Exhortatio: Evangelii Gaudium”
An unbreakable link between our faith and the poor
Vicente Bonet

Place: Arrupe Hall of St. Ignatius Church
       (Location by JR Yotsuya Station, next to Sophia University)
Time: From 6:45 to 8:15 PM Wednesday
       Participation is free
Contact: Our web provides constant information on the running of the seminars.
Although the lectures are given in Japanese we welcome your comments.

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