Japan and some few industrial countries have somehow reached a prosperous material life, but this is not the case for most countries in the world which are suffering from poverty, hunger, malnutrition, and all kinds of human rights violations and wars. Our center is involved in such issues, principally in Asian countries, and is working to establish links with private civic organizations (NGOs), and persons working in those fields. It also looks for fit ways of concientization or social awareness, specially within the Jesuits and other Catholic groups.

The center gathers written materials on social problems and citizens’ movements, and promotes networking with other groups and organizations. It publishes a bimonthly Social and Pastoral Bulletin, in Japanese and in English. It deals with legal issues for migrant workers and does also translation and book editing work. It organizes seminars and study groups or conferences on development and  human rights issues, the promotion of self-supported communities, peace, ecology and Catholic social thinking.

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