【R.I.P.】 Fr. Noel Yamada Keizo SJ

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  Fr. Noel Yamada Keizo SJ died in Hiroshima on 26 July 2015. He was 78 years old.
  Fr. Yamada is well remembered to us. He was a co-founder of the Jesuit Social Center 30 years ago. Together we built strong links with the Japanese Bishops Justice and Peace commission and stressed an Asian orientation to the new center.
  Fr. Yamada was a pioneer in disclosing the pollution of Japanese factories, like Kawasaki steel in the island of Mindanao (Philippines).
  He was the author of the first Japanese translation of Latin American Liberation Theology and while working at Sophia University he was actively involved in the social apostolate, in collaboration with our center.
  He is surely still at our side. We will not forget him.


“Pope Francis ― the Words of Joy and Thanksgiving”
                 Akashi-Shoten, Jun. 2015

This book is the final work of Fr. Yamada.

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