NEW BOOKLET: “The Promotion of Justice in the Universities of Society”

表紙  This booklet published in English by the Jesuit Secretariat for Social Justice and Ecology has recently been translated into Japanese (A5/100 pages).
  The Society of Jesus, in accord with the Church, has always strongly stressed that Jesuit universities become tools to promote Faith and Justice as an essential element of their mission. In a special way, since the 32nd General Congregation in 1975, the promulgation of justice has been a very important Jesuit task.
  The aim of this booklet is to continue deepening the dedicated efforts undertaken by Jesuit universities. It consists of 5 chapters and not only gives directions to follow but also offers examples of concrete programs undertaken by Jesuit universities around the world. Goals of high level educational institutions and universities, including their identity, are spotlighted. Why is it so important to train students regarding justice? What kind of persons do the universities want to form? Researchers? For whom? For what? Why give weight to research that concentrates on situations which prevent possibilities of sustainable development, thus increasing income inequalities? Why should each person in the university contribute to social projects that enable the poor to be included in society? How create collaboration to fulfill the above tasks?
  This booklet urges universities, as communities, to use all their power and to face the challenges arising from the problems of the poor and those living excluded on the fringes of society.
  I recommend this booklet to professors and university staff, to those involved in education, as well as people working in various fields. This booklet is meant to be read in private and/or to be used for reflective group discussions. Those who would like copies can inform us at the Jesuit Social Center.

Cost: 300 yen a copy [postage not included]


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