Lies about Nuclear Power by Koide Hiroaki, Fusosha Shinsho 2011 / 740 Yen +

In this most convincing book, Mr Koide, who has spent his life shouting “in the desert,” insists that the only future for nuclear power is its abolishment. He uncovers a series of blatant lies emerging from the secretiveness of industrial nuclear power. He points out that there is no safe exposure to radiation, that even without nuclear plants there can be enough electricity available, that nuclear plants emit large quantities of carbon dioxide and add to global warming. “The “ashes of death” emanating from Japanese nuclear plants total nearly 800 thousand times those of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The relevant explanations are so easy to understand that scales fall from our eyes. I recommend this book to be read in conjunction with the leaflet “Nuclear plants are not the trump-card solution to global warming! They are the worst option for life environment on earth!”

Brown Morning by Frank Pabloff, with a message from Takahashi Tetsuya 2003/ 1000Yen +

The bright peaceful days of normal people turn gradually brown due to the policy of the Brown Party, which “doesn’t accept any other color but brown.” When the main character hears someone knock at the door of his house early one morning, he opens it only to discover people arrested or murdered.
This fantasy picture book was a best-seller in France and became a silent force in impeding the birth of an extreme rightist totalitarian government. Nowadays it has become a favorite book all over the world. Since March 11, a most important turning point in Japan’s history, with people making efforts to bring an end to nuclear plants and to confront the dark power of the nuclear mafia, this book has appealed to people not to give up and not to stop thinking, but to be courageous. I recommend it as a good Christmas gift.

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